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Hey guys! I'm a newbie & i need some decisions badly. My currently car is a 03 330ci which ive owned for just over 4 months & i'm really interested in gettin the upcoming STI.. If i decided to get the STI then i have to trade my bimmer in & pro add cash on top of it since i live in canada, msrp for STI would pro be around the same as the 330ci. I'll be losing some $$ in this trade thought, the question is should i do it or not?? I love the performance of the STI but i also love the prestige of BMW.. Ive driven a 98 talon with turbo/intercooler upgrades in the past & i simply fall in love wif turbo power.. thx everyone..!
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Trade a 4 month old BMW? Does the bimmer really turn you off that much you'd trade it after 4 months?? That doesn't sound really financially smart, but if you got mad $$$ go for it. Do what you have to do to be happy is my motto.

I know a guy with a WRX and that thing can kick so I wouldn't put down subaru. But I think most people would agree it is not as classy as a BMW.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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