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Hey guys! I'm a newbie & i need some decisions badly. My currently car is a 03 330ci which ive owned for just over 4 months & i'm really interested in gettin the upcoming STI.. If i decided to get the STI then i have to trade my bimmer in & pro add cash on top of it since i live in canada, msrp for STI would pro be around the same as the 330ci. I'll be losing some $$ in this trade thought, the question is should i do it or not?? I love the performance of the STI but i also love the prestige of BMW.. Ive driven a 98 talon with turbo/intercooler upgrades in the past & i simply fall in love wif turbo power.. thx everyone..!
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Murgen said:
. But I think most people would agree it is not as classy as a BMW.
You know what the WRX STi would say to that? It would first laugh and give us the bird. It would then proceed to do a 4 wheel burnout in front all of us roundel owning people. Then it would proceed to show all of our M buddies its tailights on the road, its' turbo whining and the blow off valve snorting to the drivers content, then turn into the national forest, fly through the woods, cross a shallow stream and reach home to its driveway up another dirt road.

The WRX STi would then think and probably say...Classy is for pu**ies.
I say go for it! The WRX STi is going to be a beast! Simply a stunning machine. Since I didn't buy the RS6...it's more than likely going to be MY E46's replacement too!
Pkorkis said:

That's funny, and true that it can do all those 4-wheel burnouts...but number one, I think the WRX is bland looking. Its so boring, its just a damn box with 4 wheels. Looks like the cars I used to draw when i was little. Second, I think I'd take classy, yet still sporty and quick BMW over the off-roading, ticket-prone, ugly ass Subaru...
WRX might be fun to drive around and mess around with, but once you realize that you won't be doing that flying through the woods every day...you'll choose the BMW :thumbup:
But hey man, you'll be driving the car, not me...and I think your opinion of your car is all that matters...
You obviously haven't seen a WRX STi...looks pretty freakin wicked...and pissed off to me...


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Remember the little kid who got picked on and brought out his big brother?

BMW M: "Ha, You are goofy looking and slow...your headlights look like a NEON..and your not that fast..you could get taken BY the new Neon SRT."

WRX: "a NEON.. thats really low...you meanie."

a few hours later

WRX: "HA...meet my big brother. What did you just say to me?"

WRX STi: "Hahaha...you called me out for this pansy-mobile..please...tell you and your M buddies to pick on someone their own size."

WRX STi: "WRX, you go play with the slow 330s...i'll take care of these M Cars"

LOL..i better stop...I wish I could make this "R" rated...I should be a writer... j/k
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I think I have wayyyyyy too much free time
K-DOG said:
an sti is good for a second car....but in no way is it a daily driver....the current fuel economy on the WRX sucks my left nut, the sti has bigger injectors which will make it a lot worse....secondly it doesn't have a in dash cd/radio player.....thirdly im not even sure if it has air conditioning lol....
I don't hear any complaints about the M3 CSL not having a radio! Why should it matter on this car? If you care about the radio or a thing like A/C....you completely missed the point in owning one of these type of vehicles (whether it be a Type-R Integra, M3 LTW/CSL, STi, Lancer EVO, etc)...

WHO CARES! Roll down the window! Listen to the sound of the sweet motor!
K-DOG said:
thats why i said SECOND car....have fun listening to the sound of your motor when you're stuck in traffic in 95 degree heat....from the sound of it , the 330 is his only car...do you honestly recomend he uses the STI as a daily....???
Sure why not...people who have beater cars with no A/C and radio survive. You could always add a stereo...and I don't think the A/C is deleted in that car honestly...
K-DOG said:
Except you're paying more then 30g's to "survive".....An a sti should not be in the same league as a beater in ANY form. Hell anything can be added, but stuff like that is ridiculous....no glove box on an s2000....how much weight in all honesty do you think that would add??? Do you think this will drastically effect its handling or acceleration....or even effect it at all?? Its them being cheap, and using performance as an excuse...
Exactly the same reason the M3 CSL doesn't have a radio, fully bolstered seats, sound damping, etc. It IS for performance. Every 100 pounds is a signficant...not having a radio, speakers, glove box, cup holders...all that weight can add up.

Remember, the STi is a real deal performance car that is designed for the track...it's a street legal race/rally car...just like the M3 LTW, the Porsche 911 GT2, (original Type-R's A/C was optional) Integra Type-R, The new Lancer EVO VIII, the Mustang Cobra R...and on and on.

If it has A/C then yea..it could be my daily driver...otherwise probably not. But i'd take one in my garage any day over a 330. I'd just go buy a beater with a/c and radio to drive around :)
Re: Im not quite sure what STI you guys are talking about

alevy said:
But i smoked one the other day.. I have an E46 M3.. and i left that bastage so far behind he couldnt read my license plate.. Which coincidentally says "CATCH M3".

Yes it may have AWD and yes it can trek thru the snow.. but as far as looks.. Its a rice rocket :) Nice wing btw.. maybe with another turbo they can expect it to use a runway at JFK to take off.. Gold wheels? Classy.. reminds me of this..

Would you be caught dead in this thing? :)

Gold wheels are a staple for the WRX...from the real rally car. The STi is a new model...it's not out quite yet...it's a 300 hp/300lb/ft torque version of the regular WRX. It has Brembo brakes, Recaro seats, Coilovers, and BBS lightweight wheels stock, just to mention a few of the differences. The car is simply a beast...it should be in the mid to high 4 second 0-60 range and run 13s easily...but the car was designed for some serious rallying. It can hit 60 in low 5 seconds on GRAVEL.

It will be an amazing machine, sure to shock quite a few owners of fast cars...not just M cars.
coolio4433 said:
The only thing on the Subaru that I like is the gold wheels with that blue paint. Looks nice on that car. Otherwise IMO it's pretty ugly. Don't get me wrong, it's fast, but it still doesn't change the fact that it's ugly. Even C/D (maybe it was MT, I don't rmember for sure) thinks so.
are you talking about the regular WRX or the STi in the picture that I posted earlier in the thread?

The headlights on all the Impreza's are being changed in 03/04
Pkorkis said:

haha...I agree...As for your story...fine, STi can show up the M in performance, but the M3 wins in every other category...I would take an M3 ANY DAY over that little blue box...
I'll just take both.

And if you notice, the headlights aren't round anymore...more squared off and streamlined.
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