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Hey guys! I'm a newbie & i need some decisions badly. My currently car is a 03 330ci which ive owned for just over 4 months & i'm really interested in gettin the upcoming STI.. If i decided to get the STI then i have to trade my bimmer in & pro add cash on top of it since i live in canada, msrp for STI would pro be around the same as the 330ci. I'll be losing some $$ in this trade thought, the question is should i do it or not?? I love the performance of the STI but i also love the prestige of BMW.. Ive driven a 98 talon with turbo/intercooler upgrades in the past & i simply fall in love wif turbo power.. thx everyone..!
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TheDream21479 said:

You know what the WRX STi would say to that? It would first laugh and give us the bird. It would then proceed to do a 4 wheel burnout in front all of us roundel owning people. Then it would proceed to show all of our M buddies its tailights on the road, its' turbo whining and the blow off valve snorting to the drivers content, then turn into the national forest, fly through the woods, cross a shallow stream and reach home to its driveway up another dirt road.

The WRX STi would then think and probably say...Classy is for pu**ies.
That's funny, and true that it can do all those 4-wheel burnouts...but number one, I think the WRX is bland looking. Its so boring, its just a damn box with 4 wheels. Looks like the cars I used to draw when i was little. Second, I think I'd take classy, yet still sporty and quick BMW over the off-roading, ticket-prone, ugly ass Subaru...
WRX might be fun to drive around and mess around with, but once you realize that you won't be doing that flying through the woods every day...you'll choose the BMW :thumbup:
But hey man, you'll be driving the car, not me...and I think your opinion of your car is all that matters...
I don't know how you guys could possible say the WRX is a good looking car. As far as the STi goes...I don't see anything different...they use the same design from what I've seen (besides some ground effects, front lip and stuff like that) as the WRX. Its just plain Fugly...I can't even argue with you guys that think it looks good...I don't see any creativity, any nice curves...nothing. I'm sorry...I just don't see it...I've tried...but I don't :dunno:
My Drawing of the WRX...
(The dots are there because it wouldn't let me put the drawing with just spaces...)

TheDream21479 said:
I think I have wayyyyyy too much free time
haha...I agree...As for your story...fine, STi can show up the M in performance, but the M3 wins in every other category...I would take an M3 ANY DAY over that little blue box...
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