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Hey guys! I'm a newbie & i need some decisions badly. My currently car is a 03 330ci which ive owned for just over 4 months & i'm really interested in gettin the upcoming STI.. If i decided to get the STI then i have to trade my bimmer in & pro add cash on top of it since i live in canada, msrp for STI would pro be around the same as the 330ci. I'll be losing some $$ in this trade thought, the question is should i do it or not?? I love the performance of the STI but i also love the prestige of BMW.. Ive driven a 98 talon with turbo/intercooler upgrades in the past & i simply fall in love wif turbo power.. thx everyone..!
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an sti is good for a second car....but in no way is it a daily driver....the current fuel economy on the WRX sucks my left nut, the sti has bigger injectors which will make it a lot worse....secondly it doesn't have a in dash cd/radio player.....thirdly im not even sure if it has air conditioning lol....
thats why i said SECOND car....have fun listening to the sound of your motor when you're stuck in traffic in 95 degree heat....Have fun shifting with a heavy ass racing clutch and have fun paying for gas when you get 12mpg....From the sound of it , the 330 is his only car...do you honestly recomend he uses the STI as a daily....???

PS. I didn't miss the point. IMHO any performance car that is not designed STRICTLY for the track, should have minimum human accomodations....
Except you're paying more then 30g's to "survive".....An a sti should not be in the same league as a beater in ANY form. Hell anything can be added, but stuff like that is ridiculous....no glove box on an s2000....how much weight in all honesty do you think that would add??? Do you think this will drastically effect its handling or acceleration....or even effect it at all?? Its them being cheap, and using performance as an excuse...

PS. the lancer evo has all the minimum accomodations, which is why it appeals to me.....I am not 100% sure about an integra-r, but i am pretty sure they do as well.
TheDream21479 said:

Exactly the same reason the M3 CSL doesn't have a radio, fully bolstered seats, sound damping, etc. It IS for performance. Every 100 pounds is a signficant...not having a radio, speakers, glove box, cup holders...all that weight can add up.

Out of the stuff you mentioned only one thing is a minimum(plus ac which the CSL has)....sound dampening is not a must....I would take the CSL's seats over my car's seats.....it doesn't have a radio which is ghey....i think the most significant changes came from their usage of CF and no power seats....not from excluding glove box/cup holders/radio.....i think that adds up to 10lb's or less.....hell I can take a shyt before the race and have more weight savings. To me it's very cliche....PURE PERFORMANCE, NO GLOVE BOX/CUPHOLDERS!!! Use some hollow plastic...it is a way for some companies to cut cots IMHO
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