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If you are mechanically inclined at all, you may want to consider replacing your own rear shocks. Besides removing a couple of trunk trim panels it is really only a couple nuts on the top and a bolt on the bottom and the rear shocks will literally fall out. The biggest pitfall people encounter is not re-using the cupped washer at the top and bottom of the rear mount. Don't integrate the washer and the piston from the rear shock will blow through the mount in a matter of days or weeks (depending on driving conditions). If you need help then a Bentley manual should be able to walk you through the job. There may have even been posts on this site with nice photos, I have not looked.

I liked my factory ride height so I did not change springs when I did my shocks. I chose Bilstein for my car an exercise in brand loyalty. I have used them on other vehicles over the years and have always had good luck with them. I would say they are a little stiffer than the factory struts, but the factory suspension also had 100k on it. Sorry, no quantitive notation of change over stock but at risk of rebuke, I love them!

and Bilstein HD is definitely stiffer than Sachs(OEM).
Installing new front struts requires patience and time, which you claim you don't have, because of the springs. But the rear shocks are really really easy. It will probably take you an hour or two and there isn't much, if anything at all, that will go wrong during the installation. Make sure you have a vice grip ready when tightening the nuts on top because a shock will spin. That will save you some money... oh I installed Sachs for mine and they are exactly OEM ride feel.
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