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vehement saya:

I've learned my lesson in not buying a body kit before i actually buy the car! I was willing to part with just the front and rear cause i think i might just get the MVR kit that fits my car cause my ACS kit is much closer to being sold!

I had a ton of e-mails, PMs and posts from the two of them everyday! Danielwu8 even tried to fight with me saying that my kit wasn't real because the real MVR kit is not made out of fiberglass, but it has the serial number imprinted on the kit and i even contacted both MVR and Renn-sport and found that the MVR kit is made from fiberglass! Danielwu8 did also try to argue with me saying that Bavauto wasn't the only direct importer of Mutec body kits as well!

Yeah, they had me going for about 1 week, and even negotiated the heck out of me, but in the end, they both flaked! Danielwu8 said that he would offer me $368 shipped in the end saying that he could get a whole Hamann replica for that i ended the conversation saying that it would be better for me if i just send him money instead, cause that's basically what he was asking for! damn, i hate people like that and i'm sorry that we both had to suffer these kinds of transactions! thanks!

Dr Jekyll wrote on 12-19-2002 02:30 PM:
Hey Vehement,

I feel sorry for you man..... I saw your thread on the MVR kit for sale. You must have a big headache. Just from my experience.... last week Danielwu8 PMed me like 5 or 6 times in one day cause he wanted my Hamann front spoiler, and by the time we were ready to close the deal, he changed his mind and said that he was gonna buy your front. The funny thing is that DrFunk did the same thing to me. So I ended up selling it for a lot cheaper to another guy who said he already sent me the money order. But your situation must be worse cause it's a whole kit and people wanna break it up. :banghead: If I were you, I would only sell the kit as a whole. If somebody just buys the front, and the guy who wants the sides and rear flakes, then you're stuck with those pieces unless you sell it for dirt cheap. Good luck man.

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