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I would like to thank you taking sometime to read this..

So I'm facing a problem with my e46 330i american specs. It first started with a rough idle which was not serious. I took the car to read out the codes and I found that cylinder 2,3 and 5 are misfiring. Later, on the way back from the workshop, the car starts stuttering and turns off. I replaced all 6 ignition coils and that did not work. The spark plugs are also relatively new. Later, I replaced the MAF sensor which improved the idling but did not eliminate it and the car died after 5 minutes of idling.

I would really like some help from you guys since its been really bugging me and I read and searched the forums with no definite answers. For now, I disconnected the battery after replacing the MAF in order for the car's computer to recalibrate itself when I turn it back on in the morning.

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