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Cutting the rear shelf/deck...


I'm putting two 12" (or two 15" if that'll fit) into the trunk of a e46 coupe.
The subs will face the back of the seats and the box will seal them of from the trunk entirely, to reduce trunk lid rattle and achieve maximum SPL inside the car. To get the sound into the car i'd like to pull the basstubes through the rear shelf and possibly cut two 30x10cm (12"x4") slots in this shelf, in front of the speaker. Would that be a bad idea? Weld on some bracing first maybe? (mouting brackets will be welded in anyways... run 1" square tube in front and behind of the slots?).
Alternatively i could get some rear seats with the ski hatch... my seat don't have that? wtf? But i think slots would look and work best after reupholstering the shelf and putting on some custom made bezels or something to make the slots look stock.

The car got front and rear damage, so i haven't driven this particular one yet.
I'm going to strip it down to bare chassis, i'm assuming the stock sound deadening is inferior to a good application of dynamat, am i wrong?

Any feedback, opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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