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I paid 280 Shipped for a CSL bumper via Ebay. When I bought it to the shop, i was instantly told there was lines and minor imperfections all over. I took a look and there was indeed. I honestly wasnt worried about it though. WHen sanded and painted, you couldnt see any of them. The work on those imperfectins and the paint cost 400 flat. The fitment of the bumper was so-so. It seems it would of fit however my pieces underneath the bumper that it screws too are not in good shape and broke. I simply grabbed a screw gun and some screws and made my own "attachments" I guess. Anyhow, heres the final result..

PS - Im well aware of my hood being damaged along with missing grill. This was recently in an accident which would be the reason for the bumper replacement.
PSS - I have a spare PASSENGER side LED corner light from jlevi (screw in) Smoked with Amber lighting. 35 shipped if anyone interested.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts