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CSL airbox on ebay

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i think its useless unless you change the ECU settings, etc.
$3,500? That guy is nuts.
Starting bid is $500 and he has no reserve. :yikes:
David328Ci said:
Starting bid is $500 and he has no reserve. :yikes:
yeah, thats what I'm watching ;).

.....I called it first :D.

Guys need some trading in and m3 help

Hey there now that i make some consistent money working ive been really thinking of getting an m3. I was wondering what the dealer would take for my 2001 bmw 330ci with xenons, sport, premuim, and auto with 31k miles. How much can i find a 01-02 m3 with red leather interior. Would you guys recommend smg for a 16-17year old? I went to pacific bmw eysterday but they were closed. I guess i can pay for half the insurance and gas.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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