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Hello all, this Is my first post and I'm interested in being the proud new owner of a BMW. the car listed here http://wwwa.autotrader.ca/a/BMW/3 S...5_20111107134109813/?ursrc=hl&showcpo=ShowCPO
I was also looking at this model that has all wheel drive.

what do you suggest? I am also very concerned about the sound system of this car. I would be happy to purchase this car but the sound system is terrible. seriously a halfdead wombat being tickled sounds better than this thing. it has the two speakers in the front doors and two speakers in the very back, it also have the two subs under the two front seats. I tested it out at the dealer today with my ipod and an aux cord and not only was the sound very bleh, but it was also crackly and hummy.(if that makes sense) I really like my sound to have kicks to it. my current car has a two 10 inch subs in it just to give you an idea. would I be able to improve the audio somehow? but aftermarket gear in? maybe put a new deck in? are there any DIY guides hidden somewhere in these forums? does the guide have to be for these particular cars? or are the other 3 series cars fundamentally the same? I'm a rather inexperienced driver so any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks._a_
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