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Hey Guys...

1st post in here.. Just want to say thanks for all the guides, I'm hoping they are going to help me in my quest to perfect my vert!!

I've got a couple issues that I need a hand with tho...

1: The auto-seal on the drivers door doesn't work when the door is shut. If I sit in the car, shut the door and do the window up via the button then it's fine. When I open the door, the window drops like it should but then when I shut the door, the window stays down a fraction. Weird! Any ideas?

2: The drivers window doesnt work going up on the one touch feature... I tried the guides that I've seen but ignored the 'fuse 57' and went for '48 and 49' because they are the fuses for the windows.. I've since re read the guides and the '57' makes sense lol. I'll give that a go. Does that definitely work?

Thanks in advance for any help I get off you guys :)

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