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Pathetic but typical dealer behavior.
What great advertising for their service department for when your warranty expires - who doesn't like paying 4.5 hours for a 10 minute job :lmao:

Stealers only know how to REPLACE parts, you were so smart to stand your ground, for all the legitimate reasons you listed and because their solution was plain ridiculous.
I would seriously consider a letter to BMWNA for wasting your time and their money, unless that is the only dealer within 100 miles and you need them. Surely they won't appreciate the BS you dealt with especially on their dime.
I agree I like this guy who gave the full write up -- thank you!

Dealerships are a business to make money. They are not looking out for you or your car's well-being. A lot of BMW techs are smart, not all but a lot of them are and I know a few personally and they are very smart and savy w BMWs and diagnosing problems. When they have all their resources in-house to replace parts and make money, why not? We dont call them the stealership for nothing. It comes down to the indy shops or the "weekend warrior" type of mechanic who goes through the bentley manual like a bible and reports to the forums with the info he/she has learned to better guide us w our future problems.
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