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Convenience Opening (key opens windows)

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e46 325ci how do i make my key open the windows without putting in the key, it works right now if i put the key in and it opens windows and my top, but i know there is a way to do it without putting in the key and just holding the button down. Please let me know
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im interested in this to, my dad can do it with his 5 series. i think with the 3 series you need to buy that program tool to add those kind of features such as the blinkers blinking when you lock/unlock.
press your unlock button one time, then hold it down the 2nd time until all of your windows and sunroof are open.
Once all doors are unlocked hold the button, I hate it and never use it cause it always tried to open the sunroof, I always leave my sunroof tilted so that bothers me
:hmm: I can only comfort close my car :( I tried opening the same way I close (holding button) but didn't work.....
lol... just press and hold your unlock button
I learn something new on this site everyday...

I am going to have to try this out tomorrow! Never really noticed it cause i am just so excited to get in the car and drive!
I have the convertible and still only works when you put the key in. Is there a way to get it reprogrammed
PA soft 1.4

I tried this on a friends convertible, didn't get the windows to roll down and up, but I did get it so his top would fold and unfold with the remote. I didn't have a lot of time.
I'm located in San Diego and I have the device which can program your car to have the windows go both up and down with the keyfob.
Sd kinda far. Anyone in Los angeles that can do it.
Sd kinda far. Anyone in Los angeles that can do it.
There are better places to ask around than this thread.
I've had my ZHP a 'lil over 1 year and I just discovered I can roll down windows and open/tilt sunroof while pressing the unlock button a second time for a few seconds. Pretty cool. Now I wish I could do the same for rolling-tehm up.
I have the convertible and still only works when you put the key in. Is there a way to get it reprogrammed
You need the proper software or someone with the proper software.
i had all of that but recently lost the auto up. :( what happened?
Works to put down windows...hold unlock
doesn't work to lock windows...hold lock (gotta turn/hold key)

Is that normal?
Not all cars support all features, but in any event you need software to program these features. PA Soft BMW Scanner 1.4.0 is typically the easiest to use. $32 from www.xcar360.com, it is a knock off of the original but works fine. Takes about 2 weeks to get. Be careful as it is software an can be tricky to install on Vista & Win 7, 64 bit OS is even trickier. Easiest to install on XP.

As for features, you program things like not to open the sunroof or not to close the sun roof. You can also program other features on the car as well.

Slvr46, you probably need to re-initialize you window pinch protection as you have probably had your battery disconnected to too long of a period recently?

Read in your owners manual about the resetting the window pinch protection and your Auto Up feature should work again.
no the battery hasnt been since i have bought it... about 4 months now. but i will try that.
does anyone remember how to reset the key when it stops working? i remember being a link that i used in the past to reset mine, but cant find it.
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