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I got a problem with my driver side headlight. Right now it doesn't work, but when I unplug the large computer from the passenger side headlight, the driver side turns on. When I plug the computer back in, they both still work. But when I turn everything off (the car, the lights) and try to turn them both back on, the driver side headlight doesn't work again. I can do this all day. Where's the problem?
KEY NOTE: On the headlight that doesn't work, I am missing the smaller computer which adjusts the beams while you drive. But I don't think that's what causing my headlight to not work because when I unplug the small computer from the headlight that does work, it still works fine while the other one stays off. Is the problem with the large computer, the igniter, the wiring? If anyone can give me some insight as to where the problem is that would be really cool.

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