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Concept Beauty ready! My mission is complated PIX inside!

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Hi Guys.

The winter is over my car is ready and I love the look more than before...:D

Here is the list:

Tint all round 52%
M3 style mirrors
18x8.5" M3 EVO replica wheels
235/40/18 Bridgestone S03 PP all round.

Planned mods:

Angel Eye kit

And here are the pix. Comments welcome:D

320 d engine 150HP 330Nm torque a bit dirty..;)
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More pix soon if I have time to take the car to a nice location...

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Thank you guys for the nice comments!

Yes I think the same Mark this wheels looking very nice on the SteelGray color. I love them too;) Especially because they are carbon colored between the spokes.

Thanks :thumbup:

Rob: this is 4 cylinder motor. Looking really nice with the BMW logo on it :) 18"s are great but I feel that I lost a bit from the performance throught the 235/40 tires... I use usually the steptronic in automatic mode and sometimes I feel that the acceleration was better with the 17"s or with the stock 16" wnter wheels...

But the look compensate that :D

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My evil twin :D

J/K the car looks amazing. :niceshoes Those wheels are just perfect with the steelgray; what's the offset of those wheels.

Where did you buy those mirrors? Are those Hagus?

Love your car man :bow:

Hey thanks Glekke :D

The offset is 47 of the wheels. I bought these mirrors here in Hungary. Nothing special the same what you can find on Ebay. They are noname mirrors but colored looking very nice :D

P.S.: I had your car in my mind as I build mine... ;) :thumbup:
@ DDX: thanks for your opinion:thumbup: The wheels are the M3 EVOLUTION and if you are from UK you can check the www.performancealloys.com website. They offers the same wheels and they comes with BMW center caps and the ///M badge. The weheels where produced in Italy as I know in PA Racing...

@ Rob: Hey can't wait to see the wheels on your car. :D Sure looking great on a topaz blue dropped baby. Post pix!!!;)
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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