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Clutch Pedal "Click" during pedal depression

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Hey guys -

I've got a 2002 325CI manual transmission...love the thing like it's my child...

I'll start by describing my issue: just about every time I press down my clutch pedal there is a "click" that is felt and heard, and then as I begin to let out the clutch pedal the click is heard and felt again at around the same location. It happens when it is about 3/4 through it's full pedal stroke, and then on the way back it happens at the same time, this is only one click each time. Now it's not the "click" sound that occurs when the clutch pedal is engaged enough to start the car, it's not that same sound. It's more of a muffled sound/feeling, almost like a spring is getting snagged on something and then being released. This problem happens when I'm shifting from neutral to first gear.

Here's my biggest concern, this isn't only a sound that occurs...it feels like something is getting hung up between my clutch pedal and the throwout bearing, because after I depress the clutch, then go to let it out again, at the time of the "click" sound and feeling the clutch engagement is not at a constant rate. What I mean by that is there is a sudden engagement of the clutch, which causes chatter or jerky shifting into first, almost as if something is getting caught up.

Now I'm aware that there are multiple threads on this, but I haven't read anyone that has had the problem that ended up finding the solution, so I figured I would attempt to bring it back to life in hopes that someone has found a solution to this problem.

Here's my clutch history: I got the car 3 years ago, the "click" happened ever since I got the car. Sometimes it goes away in certain temperature/humidity conditions (or so it appears). I had the clutch replaced about 2 years ago, new throwout bearing, new throwout fork, new pivot pins, new spring, new friction plate / pressure plate, and new gear shifter linkages and bushings. Since the problem occurred before the clutch job, and now it still exists, I'm led to believe it's the slave cylinder, the master cylinder, or some of the clutch pedal bushings. Last week I had the slave cylinder replaced....didn't fix the problem.

I'm now running out of options...the master cylinder (which is about $140), or the clutch pedal bushings.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue or some educated insight on how I should go about fixing it? Not only is it annoying, but it's also causing excess wear on my friction disc and pressure plate since it causes my clutch to engage inconsistently and abnormally (clutch engagement doesn't match the smooth consistent rate of travel of my clutch pedal).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks much,

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do you have a peddle stop screwed into the floor?
maybe hitting off center if you do?
r2 - Thanks for the input...I have read about that being a potential cause, but the "click" happens before the pedal hits the pedal stop. It is the OE pedal stop as well so it's the standard thickness pedal stop. I have checked just to confirm and the pedal stop doesn't seem to be the cause.

Anyone else that may have had this issue and found the solution??

let me ask;
if the car is not running, and you push the clutch peddle by hand, does it click, and if so, can you see the exact spot it clicks in?
i ask because there is a large plastic slide switch attached (ignition interlock) that could make a clicking sound. and because it is plastic, it will expand and contract and may or may not click under certain weather conditions. (temp) like you said.
r2 -

In the condition you stated (vehicle off), when I press the clutch pedal down with my hand the click feeling and sound still occurs. I would also like to note, the "click" is not only a sound, but it is also felt in the clutch pedal. On top of that, not only is it felt in the pedal, but it appears to be causing the actual actuation of the clutch (throwout bearing, throwout bearing fork, etc) to be inconsistent with the travel of the clutch pedal.

As a side note, when you say "plastic slide switch" are you referring to the "Clutch Switch Module (OE P/N 61319231129) ?

to answer the last first, yes. though it is called "clutch pedal switch" see link
now, there is no physical connection between the pedal and any other clutch parts. its all hydraulic. so i very highly doubt a click or a knock or tap could be transmitted to the pedal itself from the fork or throw. not to say you cant "feel" those things, but an actual click being transmitted through the metal has to be local to the pedal. i attached an exploded view of your peds which i got from, https://parts.bmwofsouthatlanta.com/products/Rubber-pad/1293190/35211160422.html
i would look at the switch, spring, and any of the pivot points.


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r2 -

Thanks for the feedback. I will take a look at the pivot points, pins, springs, and bushings. I actually already have those components because I was thinking that might be the issue but I have not yet installed them. I will tackle that investigation next. I appreciate your assistance.

anytime, thats what forums r 4.
i would go for the switch first myself. i would disconnect it from the housing and try it by hand again. there is a spring in it, so may be the issue.
let us know what u find.
Great, will do, I'll be sure to provide any updates.

Thanks again.
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