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I've recently bought my first E46. A 1999 320i Touring.
I'll introduce myself in another thread :)

My car has 260000km on it. (160000miles). It's lowered from the factory. And has wider tiers than standard.

From the beginning the suspension in the front was a bit off. But this became more pronounced the longer I drove it. Last month I've replaced the control arms, the control arm bushings and the sway bar links.

Right now it's stil making a clunk when I hit a bump in the road. And the cars moves right or left whenever I hit a bum in the road. It's pretty random which side it goes towards.

My feeling is it's the upper struct mounts/support bearings. But I might be wrong. I have the feeling the tie rods are good, because I recently had an alignment and the mechanic didn't mention anything. He didn't get the car properly aligned however.

Anyone here who has some ideas how to better diagnose the problem?

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