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the clock spring was dead while i replace the steerling guibo/flex disc.
i was naughty and spin the steerling wheel in "infinite mode" and i heard a plastic crack noise inside the steerling section.
I lost all the steerling fucntions, radio, volume etc.

Here is how i fix the teared clock spring wires. (way back to 2011)
u will need soldering iron & flux.

torn apart.
Auto part Engine Technology Finger

cut the broken section.
Finger Vehicle door Automotive exterior Bumper Electronic device

scratch the plastic insulator, exposed the copper.
Cable Technology

gently put some solder on it.
Auto part

heat it up and melt together.
Electronics Technology Electronic component Auto part Electronic device

solder done.
Comfort food Finger Food

here is how to rewrap the clock spring.
Auto part Bearing

I did place some silicon paste on the film wires.

good luck to yours.
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