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Anyone else experience ocassional weird stuff with the Climate Control System?

Sometimes after I have shutdowm my 2002 3 Series Coupe with the Temperature setting on manual and the fan speed and vent modes also manually selected, the temperature setting and/or vent mode or fan speed settings may be randomly different when restarted.

Sometimes 91 F and air directed through both the floor and dash vents after it was set at 70 F to the dash vents only. Also other random combinations .... like it has a mind of it's own.

Happens about 1 in ever 5 or 6 starts .... even when I first turn off the Climate Control System by dropping the fan to Off before shutting off the engine. After restarting and pressing the fan On the system sometimes does not return to the combination or mode that it was previously set at when turned off prior to engine shutdown.

Taking it into the Dealer tomorrow for a warranty Radio replacement due to poor AM Reception and I'm not sure whether this Temp Control stuff is worth mentioning at only 1500 miles?

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