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I have had both 3m and ventureshield on 2 vehicles, and installed them both.

3M on a 2007 FJ cruiser (hood + fenders) driven in winter conditions for 6 months of the year (interior BC) and it held up great. very durable film with no yellowing or bug stains, but installing it was the tricky part (hard to stretch over contours and just not a very forgiving film). I was lucky the FJ didn't have as many contours as the e46.

Venture shield on the e46 (hood, fenders, mirrors and bumper) driven year round (Vancouver BC and interior BC in summer). Very easy to install and stretch over contours but is definitely a lot softer then the 3M. At first I was skeptical about how the film would hold up, but after my dad backed into my car and pretty much put the bumper of his X5 on my hood it showed its true colours. While the hood was all crunched up there was absolutely no paint damage, as for the bumper there was a scuff from where the bumper slid over top but it polished off. The only down side to this film is BUGS! you should wash them off as soon as you can because if you let them bake for days during summer the stain may not be able to be polished off after being washed. The majority of the time though if they do stain after washing them off and polishing, just let the car sit and bake in the sun for a day and usually they will fade away.

After getting a new hood and having the fenders repainted to match I reinstalled ventureshield, but next time I would like try Xpel. I have heard nothing but good things about their film except that sometimes it yellows, but same could be said for 3M and I never had that issue.
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