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UPDATE!! 2/23/14

Hello Again!
So I cleaned my IACV, I took it out, after a long war with the lower boot's jubilee clip being faced down (the person who designed it like that should die in a fire).

My idle was perfect!...for 12ish hours, my check engine light when off and everything was smooth! AND THEN for some reason it started to get rough again, when i pulled up to a stop sign and put it into neutral (holding my clutch down) my car rpm would go to zero; I would stall. This happened for about 30mins until i go home and for the past hour or so it hasn't happened again.

I haven't gotten a hold of a code machine so i don't have codes yet, however my check engine turned back off after the rough idle went away. I was thinking about taking it out again and spraying it some more! Any ideas on why im getting a rough idle/stalling in neutral?

for those who are interested in removing their IACV, here are the links i used to remove mine:



Hello e46fanatics!

2001 3.25ci 5spd

So i have a really rough idle, it jumps up in down .5-1.5 rpm every once in awhile. Also once in a while i'd stall when i go into neutral (stopsigns, lights) and i looked up that one of the problems could be the IACV, I found a DIY to take it out, but i'd like try a alternative method before taking apart that area...

I was told by a friend that i could spray some carb cleaner into the throttle body, which would take the cleaner into the IACV and clean it a bit.
Has anyone done that before? i'm not the most mechsavy guy, so i was wondering before i start spraying stuff into my car i could get some other opinions?


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Uhh we'll I sprayed some carb cleaner on the carb of one of my shitty dirt bikes while it was running and it sputters a bit but idles again normally. Cleaned it out a bit but that was also directly onto the carb. I can't imagine it would do any damage to anything, but you would be better off to just take the throttle body off and give it a proper cleaning with a rag. That way you will actually get all of grime off as some of it is pretty caked on there.

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