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I was in a slum. My car was robbed and strippped totally. Head to toe. I was in search for wood trim. OEM stuff. I looked and looked for a good deal with good quality. I found people that would tell me that they have a good deal but the trims might be marked up, or some would say that shipping is extra. Until I got a hold of Ci FLY. No negotiations. I told him my situation and that I would be able to pay him $150 for the trims plus shipping. But no that was not good enough. Being the great person that he is, he sold them to me for $100 shipped. Hell, he did not even want the money till I was satisfied. I still paid him. It was only fair. The next day as promised, he shipped it through UPS. As a GIFT and with a face value of $20. Just so that he could save me a bit more money and I would not get charged taxes and brokerage fees, supplied me with a tracking number and even shipped it expedited. I got the product in 2 days as promised by him. When I got it, you should have seen the way it was packed. Organized and professionally packed. He even paid for that out of his pocket. Not a scratch on any of them. All in great condition and even cleaned.
If there is anyone you shoudl do a transaction in the future, consider Ci FLY. You will always get a great deal. Always.

Thank you Ci FLY

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