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Our 2001 325 had been sounding a little slow to start so guessed battery was on the way out. Monday my wife had taken two short shopping trips but when we went to go to the cinema in the evening it failed to start. Managed to run a lead out to the carport and recharged the battery. Using the 'secret' dash functions I checked the voltage when running. As it was 14.1v I can assume the alternator is OK. After a suitable time at rest voltage dropped to 12.2v. Time for a new battery.
Standard BMW is a 12v 70Ah 570A unit, 277 x 175 x 190mm high

Tuesday rang Mornington BM, yes we have one, $350. :banghead:

Checked Supercharge Batteries online, I find I need a MF66H 12v 70Ah 680A 277 x 175 x 190mm This looks like what I need.
(the 'H' means high - 190mm agains a MF66 which is 175mm)

Checked Peninsula BM, we have a MF66 $167.50 in stock, but no MF66H. Rather get the correct size.

Checked RACV and was told #3882, which is 175mm high so similar to the MF66. As an employee, $145. - $255 to public.

Supercheap Auto in Mornington would sell me a MF66H for $209 but no stock and it would take 4-5 days to get in.

R&E Autos in Rosebud had a MF66H in stock, $214.50. As I live 10 mins away, this was my choice. :clap:

When I went to pick it up, the battery was a little dirty around the base and the 'magic eye' was clear not green for fully charged. Possibly been on the shelf awhile. It as suggested I give it a charge before fitting which I did for a couple of hours. Still no 'green' dot and a reading of 12.3v but I fitted it anyway.

Cranking was really good and I went for a drive with the voltage displayed on the dash as before. 13.9 - 14.1 while driving but after sitting in the garage for the surface charge to disapate I only had 12.3v. In the morning 12.3 v again.

I rang Supercharge and asked what a new fully charged battery should read. 12.6 - 12.8v was the answer. I explained my situation and was told that those batterues should hold their fully charged state ('green' magic eye) for 12 months. He quickly suggested that he would have the rep drop in a new MF66H to R&E Autos for me to take in exchange.

Rep dropped off this morning, battery swapped, now with 'green' magic dot and reading 12.7v. The MF66H is an exact swap for the OEM battery - all good.

One happy camper! :clap:

Just don't take for granted that a new battery will be A OK. Check and double check.

Hats off to Supercharge for the 'no fuss' way they looked after me.
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