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Europrojektz Malaysia
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That's it folks, I'm retiring the car from the show scene.
My last show was Extreme Autofest in Pomona last Sunday.

Here is a list of every single mod that I've put in the car....

2000 BMW 323Ci | Hellrot (Bright Red)


• Hamann side skirts
• Hamann GT-R front bumper
• Hamann rear apron (add on)
• Hamann roof spoiler
• Hamann competition rear wing
• Hamann competition pre-spoilers
• Hamann sports mirrors
• Hamann widebody fenders


• Hamann aluminum pedals
• Hamann aluminum footrest
• Hamann carbon fiber door sills
• Hamann carbon fiber steering wheel
• Hamann floor mats
• Recaro phone holder
• MOMO Pitstop carbon hand brake
• MOMO Combat carbon shift knob
• MOMO Corse harness pads (4)
• GReddy turbo timer
• Defi-Link control unit II
• Defi-Link meter BF boost gauge
• Defi-Link meter BF oil temperature gauge
• Black aluminum cube interior trim
• Custom leather 2-tone (black carbon fiber/Mercedes red) M3 Seats


• Hamann Design Edition rims 19x8.5 front
• Hamann Design Edition rims 19x10 rear
• Pirelli PZero Rosso tires 245/35/19 front
• Pirelli PZero Rosso tires 275/30/19 rear
• H&R coilovers
• H&R TRAK+ DRA 30mm wheel spacers front
• H&R TRAK+ DR 10mm wheel spacers rear
• H&R front & rear sway bars
• UUC Strut Barbarian


• Hamann sports silencer dual-system
• AA Tuning supercharger w/ intercooler & oil-cooler
• Outerwear Pre-Filter for cold air intake
• Dinan carbon fiber fuel rail engine cover
• HKS SSQ blow-off valve with recirculation kit
• Denso iridium spark plugs (6)


• Ample Audio amplifier A410X
• Polk/MOMO MMC525 speakers (2)
• Polk/MOMO MM6 speaker system (2)
• Polk/MOMO C500.1 amplifier
• Polk/MOMO C300.2 amplifier
• Polk/MOMO MM120 12" subs (2)
• Clarion EQ S560
• Custom sub-enclosure
• Audiovox LCM4000 headrest monitors (2)
• Sony Playstation 2
• Savv LBM-S5000 rear view mirror monitor
• MTV 7.2" LCD monitor


• Xtec 7000k Xenons
• Hella ellipsoid fog-lights
• SPP yellow H3 bulbs (fog-lights)
• PIAA Xtreme Force bulbs (high-beams)
• PIAA carbon fiber wiper blades
• Brembo red 6-piston calipers front
• Brembo 14" cross-drilled brake rotors front
• Brembo brake pads front
• Brembo red 2-piston calipers rear
• Brembo cross-drilled brake rotors rear
• Brembo brake pads rear
• Bosch clear corners (smoked)
• Bosch clear side markers
• Bosch clear tail-lights
• Silvervision bulbs (4)
• Fiberdesign Carbon Fiber headlight trim
• StreetGlow BlueLine neon undercar kit
• Wheelpower Phosphyre Halos


• Polk/MOMO
• Function Garage Apparel

Shoutouts to:
• My crew Europrojektz
• Wheel Power Inc.
• Supreme Power Parts
• Rennsport
• UUC Motorwerks
• Kansai Xenon Service
• JT Audio & Accessories
• Toan @ AutoSound & Security
• Franco @ Stitchcraft Interiors
• Fab @ EF1 Motorsports
• John P. @ Function Garage Apparel

without the above mentioned, my car would not be the way you see it today. Tomorrow my car is gonna get shipped to Malaysia and the first thing I do when it arrives is to sign up for open track day at the Sepang Formula-1 race track.

I'm sure to still mod it while I'm in Malaysia and make sure to give you guys updates!!


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I'm sad to see her go. We gotta party it up this weekend Kev. I'ma be at Manus place thursday night :) :dave: :woot:

Europrojektz Malaysia
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juniorstudio said:
Damn, Another One of my favorate car is gone. :bawling:
Will you come back with your car?
car is staying in Malaysia....

the Benz in my sig is what I'll be taking to shows next season
(it's my dad's so don't expect anything crazy from it)

btw, if you were thinking of making an exact replica of this car...
$33k (car) + $20k (mods) + 10k (labour) = $63k
I coulda gotten an M3, but it'd be bone stock....so I think I made the right choice. :thumbup:

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why do you have to ship it to malaysia?

so whats your plans for the benzo? i'm sure you'll mod it out nicely as well.... :)

Europrojektz Malaysia
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Nico3k said:
so what mods are planned for the mb?
Lorinser sideskirts
Lorinser front bumper
Lorinser rear bumper
Lorinser twin sports exhaust system (everything behind the headers is changed)
Lorinser LM5 19x8.5, 19x10 rims
Lorinser rear wing
Lorinser wood trim steering wheel
Brembo BBK front
Brembo prototype C-class BBK rear (first one they made for a C-class before open sale to public)
Lorinser front grill
Lorinser badging
Some ICE, not sure what, but all components are replaced and there's a subwoofer in the sparetire well.
Lorinser sport suspension


Rolling on Dubs. Got Boost?
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Sorry to see your car retired and I guess your going back home :(
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