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Palm Beach Motoring Accessories is the Exclusive United States distributor of CarPro Innovative Nano Coats.

Stuart, FL (March 24 2011) - Palm Beach Motoring Accessories, a leading distributor of car care products, announced that it has entered an agreement with CarPro Trading Ltd. to be the exclusive distributor in the United States of CarPro products. CarPro's top-selling products include CQuartz Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection and Iron X Iron Contaminants Remover.

CarPro products will arrive at PBMA at the end of March 2011. PBMA will stock all sizes of CarPro's complete product line.

At the heart of CarPro's lineup is CQuartz, a ceramic, hydrophobic paint sealant that provides durable, self-cleaning protection for up to two years. To prepare the paint for this long-lasting coating, CarPro also has Iron X and Iron X Soap Gel. These two pH neutral products remove ferrous particles from the paint and stop damage to its sub-layers. Reload Spray Sealant maintains the gloss of CQuartz.

For auto interiors, CarPro makes So2Pure, a photo catalyst odor eliminator. It destroys odors on a molecular level. PERL Coat gives all rubber, plastics, vinyl, and leather a durable, protective, satin coating.

Palm Beach Motoring Accessories is proud to partner with Car Pro and is actively seeking dealers for this exciting new line of car care products.

PBMA's family of websites includes Autogeek.net, Pinnaclewax.com, Diamondite.com, Wolfgangcarcare.com, Bikedepot.net, PBMA's Amazon.com store, AutogeekOnline.net, Autopia-carcare.com, and Detailcity.org. PBMA stocks thousands of car care products on site by more than 80 manufacturers and manufactures its own successful brands: Pinnacle Natural Brilliance, Wolfgang Concours Series, Diamondite, and DP. The company exports products to customers and distributors in 20 countries. In addition to providing quality products to detailing enthusiasts and professionals worldwide, PBMA websites are a leading source of instructional detailing guides and videos.

800-869-3011 ext. 212

Palm Beach Motoring Accessories
7744 Jack James Drive
Stuart, FL 34997
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