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I am not an idiot. However, I had a remarkably difficult time replacing the stupid light bulb on my front turn signal.

I figure that it will be quicker to stop in autozone, get a bulb, and change it myself than go to the stealer.

anyway, the helpful manual shows you where to put your screwdriver to release the light housing. what it doesn't do is tell you what to do with it.

when you look in the hole for the release, you see a tab that can move right and left. this is NOT the release for the light housing. i thought it was, and bent the crap out of it.

after much prying, etc, the housing finally came off. it was only then that i realized that the visible tab is not the release. The release is lower down on the housing.

to release the light housing, simply push your screwdriver DOWN into the designated hole, and you depress the release.

i share this in hopes that i will spare even just one person my frustration.
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