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Carbon Fiber Mudguard Group Buy

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Update 4/19: in the search for a new carbon manufacturer as the previous company would not commit to delivering on proper communications. Will maintain the round list unless anyone explicitly asks to be removed.

Hey wagon gang,

With E46 touring mudguards being well out of production at this stage, there are few options other than looking to scrap yards (good luck) or finding a used set.

Given the current demand for more Touring parts, I've reached out to multiple manufacturers to commission a set. While my original intent was to find a plastic manufacturer, I've since made a connection with [OMITTED] who manufactures—you guessed it—carbon mud guards and flaps. While much of their work is layered and cut, they have molding capabilities as well to provide an OE replica of the E46 Touring guards.

We have worked to a group buy price of $200 for the set of 4 guards molded to OE Spec in either matte or gloss carbon, shipped ConUS.
The estimated production time for the first set of 10 is 4 weeks from the close of the Group Buy

Round 1
1. ArtifactsInMotion (Matte)
2. ///Mark_D (Matte)
3. vtwagon (matte)
4. Jakl (matte)
5. JoeTan (matte)
6. Archbid (matte)
7. Tbouchard991 (matte)
8. Crossworth1 (matte)
9. Dadw6n (matte)
10. Not_Special (gloss)

Round 2
11. thebfg (matte)
12. thetangstr (matte)
13. stiegmanjr (matte)

Note: I am not receiving any compensation from [OMITTED], merely facilitating the thread because I initiated the discussion, and I really want some damn mudguards :)
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Please put me down for matte set for the next round!
Excuse the dirty car. After some adjustment, I got the rears to fit 99%. Fronts were 100% perfect fitment. Pretty good buy for $50 on Amazon.
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View attachment 947947
Looks great! Good job with the fitment. Could you share the link or name of the particular product?
The set I bought from Amazon looks to be no longer available, but this one from eBay looks exactly like it and most likely from the same factory.
Thank you for the prompt response. I'll definitely have to pick up a set!
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