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We are meeting up at the Sunoco on 192/New Haven Ave. right by 95 (EXIT 180 off of I95) at around 7:40 and rolling out at 8. They have race gas, for those of you who feel like running it. We will be stopping in Port St. Lucie to meet up with some extra people and rest for a couple mins. at around 9 pending "traffic".

We will probably stop again around west palm or a little after to break and there MIGHT be another group joining in.

Then its basically a straight shot to Active Autowerke in Miami unless our group wants to meet up with the group leaving Towers Shops in Davie. The Tower/Davie group is rolling at 11 and we should arrive there in time to meet up with them if needed.

Sunpass and a full tank of gas would be ideal. We are going to keep the drive fairly civilized, but we will also keep it somewhat interesting. We don't need a flat out run all the way to Miami. Plus gas is ~3.90 downsouth from what I've heard.

PM me if you want us to stop somewhere else, or if you want my number.

Ian :)
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