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I recently had an incident with my e39, just a hit and run that ruined my front bumper cover and RF quarter panel.

Speaking with my insurance agent (AllState) I questioned her very intently expecting them to total the car. She was very clear to me in that if it’s totaled, they are obligated to make me whole again - ideally the same exact car as you had.

Hopefully you have a good insurance company with enough reach to find you a replacement - it’s their job after all.

In reading different forums it seems to me that the PNW has a very high concentration of BMW enthusiasts, just kind of a feeling I get. I’ve seen a lot of nice cars in forums from around there.

And just to say, AllState did want to total my car because the repair estimate was over $3500 and cited a high likelihood that more parts would be needed once disassembly began. I was pissed, the repair estimate was grossly exaggerated and could have cost me my car’s value. After sending AllState a lot of detailed pictures giving them the accurate condition of the rest of the car they agreed that it’s value did not warrant a “total” and they agreed to send me a check for $3k so that I could fix the car myself or use a different shop. I’m going to fix it myself, ordered painted bumper cover and quarter panel, all the mounting parts for $1k. Will be getting new fog lamps/mounts and headlight covers and any other items I discover and have $2k in the budget so I’m in a good place.

Wish you were, hope you get things sorted.
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