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I dont get why people are allergic to search....

Check battery voltage, try jumping it. If you can jump it and it operates normally, then its probably either your battery or alternator (just because a battery is new doesn't mean its good).
If you can jump it then check the voltage of the battery while the car is idleing. If this is lower then 13-14v that's not a good sign for your alternator.

If you cant jump it, then for some reason your starter is not getting power, it could be the starter itself, the solonoid, or any of the connections that go to your starter.

There is also a sensor checking that the clutch on a manual or the break on the auto, are depressed, Im not sure if the pump would prime if this was not working.

Also the key has electronics in it that can fail, again not sure if your pump would prime with the key not working.
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