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Could anyone elaborate on my recent car diagnosis.


ABS/DSC Diagnosis

Status: ERROR -> Read the error memory...!

Fault Code : F152

152 DSC button

Fault Code : F65

65 Wheel sensor : rear right OR Feedback-signal bad

Fault Code : F166

166 Pressure sensor 2


I will be taking a look at the rear right wheel sensor soon and possibly replacing it but i am wondering about the other two errors. Is the Pressure Sensor a Brake fluid pressure sensor? And what could be up with the DSC Button error. I erased the codes but they all came back. Currently i have the traction control light on, but nothing else. Could anyone possibly help me out with a place to find these parts and give me a little advice on replacing them. I have a 2000 BMW 323ci with 60,000 miles

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