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i just bought my new to me used bmw, it is a 2001 325i

and i have a few problems with it
- the Brake Light is on on the dash, although i have the handbrakes off
- when the car is in idle, or when i start it up it kind of screeching and squealing noise but it runs fine on the freeway
- the airbag light is on, although the car has never been in an accident
my biggest concern is the light on the dashboard that looks like a triangle with an '!' inside it and this triangle is enclosed in a circle pointing counter clockwise
which i found out to be the ASC+T or DSC
and this light usually comes on when i'm braking at low speeds
also, before the light flashes and turns on the car kind of shakes
and this also happened when i was on the freeway and was cruising at 65 mph and the the car just vibrated like krrrrrrgggg and it sounded like something is grinding and the the ASC+T or DSC starts flashing and stays on

please help

Thank you very much:p

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The brake light could be low brake fluid or the brake pad sensor is/was tripped due to brake pad wear. There are two sensors on the car, one embedded in the front driver side pads and one embedded in the passenger side rear pads on american cars. Sensors are one time use if they get tripped, if not they can be transferred to the new pads. A lot of people do brake jobs on these cars and don't replace the sensors so the light stays on.
Air bag light could be many things, gonna need to get it scanned to find out exactly what it is.
Screeching is probably pullies or belts. Mine is doing it a bit and I need to replace the hydraulic tensioner pulley.
ASC light could also be many things depending on what system your car uses. My car only has traction control but yours may have stability control which will have more sensors that can go wrong. On the highway you ASC thought you were skidding or sliding but when it tried to correct it nothing happened so it gave up and lit up the dash light.

Point is, you need to find a good independent shop in your area that has the tools to diagnose these issues and fix them if you have the ability or let them fix the issues. dealer can do it as well but it will be at a high cost. In my opinion, these aren't major issues.....more like character building exercises, try tackling it yourself with the resources here. After all its a car, not a space shuttle.

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