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I've had my 03 Imola red zhp for a little over a year now, and i'm ready to make some cosmetic modifications besides the clears and tints i already have on...these are the things im really interested in

splitters or some kind of add-on to the front bumper for more aggressive look
blacked out grill
angel eyes w/ remote kit
roof spoiler

all in all, i figure these enhancements will make the car (especially the front end) look much more appealing and aggressive...

now my question is whether you guys have particular suggestions with regard to the front add-on/splitter idea and the roof spoiler...im looking for something at a decent/manageable price, but noticeable enough to accomplish my previously stated goals for the car

im real excited about a potential new look, and i really want to get some advice from you guys because almost all of you have some sick ass rides

I hope those with similar cars (Imola, black grill, front add-on, etc) can also drop some wisdom for a fellow fanatic....all suggestions welcomed

1 - 2 of 2 Posts