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I bought a used Business CD53 radio and have decided to keep my aftermarket, so I am selling it locally.
One interested buyer contacted me. He has a 2000 E46. The unit I have for sale is an Alpine built in August 2001, part number 65126915711.
Now, I thought the E46 radios didn't need any security code to work. The buyer says that he always needs to put in a code in his radio to make it work, so he will buy mine only if I supply a code.
Will my unit work in his 2000 E46 without a code? Also, is it plug and play or will it need an antenna adapter? I thought all 99-01 radios were compatible and only 02 and up need an adapter if fitted into earlier E46s. Since mine is built in 2001, it should work in his 2000, correct?

Thank you!
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