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When I bought my '99 323i the blower was stuck on and the fuse box had been soaked from the car sitting under a tree and pine needles clogging the drainage.

I've installed two new FSU units, one cheaper one and a more spendy Behr. Both worked for the first few minutes then died. Both also got very hot beforehand.

I've been doing some minor driving around town as I mess with things. Fuses and relays were removed, everything dried out and cleaned with foaming contact cleaner.

Car starts right up with new battery, but as I drive I get occasional loud clicks, guessing from a relay and check engine light for p0735 (gear 5 incorrect ratio) and p1250 (fuel pressure regulator).

Hoping anyone has dealt with similar. I'm really hoping the transmission error is related to the electrical issue and not a mechanical problem in the tranny.

I've read plenty on replacing the fsu, but nothing I saw mentions burning new ones up immediately. Thanks!
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