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Hi guys(and gals)
Wanted to share my experience with these new tires on a BMW with you all. I searched around and think that I may be the first one to get these tires on anything other than a Subaru STI(for which they were made). I have to say that these are excellent tires. I do not think that I have been able to overpower these tires with my little 323Ci yet. Especially noticible on tight hairpin turns where even my old Michelin Pilot SX tires would set off the traction control. These tires just stick like crazy. Although the treadwear rating of 140 probably has something to do with that too. They are also pretty quiet but the sidewalls are flat and not bowed out like most other tires so they ride a bit rougher. Can't wait for a good downpour to see what kind of wet traction they have on a rwd car.


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