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Brake grind

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Hey guys another simple question to hopefully get some options. So i just recently installed new brake pads and rotors, but now every one and a while after i apply the brakes i hear the grind kinda sounding like a moan. I remember putting a small layer of lubricant on the back metal of the pads if this helps. I never hear while or before i apply the brakes its always after and stops when i pick up speed or until it just dies out. Thanks in advance!
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If your old pads were really worn down thin, then the piston was coming out a good bit to apply your brake pressure. When you put on new thick pads, you really push that old piston and seal way back in to the caliper housing where it hasn't been in a long time. It may just be bound up and not relaxing. It might be time to build the calipers now too. Something to think about.
I rebuilt one single brake calliper because it seized on me and putting on that new rubber boot on the brake piston was a real pain the the royal ass. As a matter of fact, so was trying to get the brake piston to go back inside the brake calliper, the tolerances feel like they are measured in microns. It was a ****ing bitch to put back in, would never like to do that again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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