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Ok Guys firstly I believe that these forums only work if people put in as well as take out so firstly if anyone can offer a fix and are in the southwales area I offer some free coding such as roof opening closing from the key.

Ok now for the 2 issues

1) Ive bought an xtron D714G with the multi steering wheel. It has the 4 wires two black 1 white 1 green and I have cut the plug from the bmw end and even though there is only a small number of combination I cant for the life of me work it out!

2) second is that this one came without any maps on an sd card and again I cant get this to work and the seller on ebay isn't prepared to help.

Im looking for someone whos clever as hell that can give me an actual walk through for the fix.

Your time is appreciated!!!!!
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