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I am trying to help a friend sell a 2004 325Cic. I got elected to help because I have a similar car. It belonged to his recently deceased father. It needed some minor body work and after returning from the body shop I noticed the dash was showing the headlights as inop. Sure enough, the low beams are not working. All the other lights are working. I do not remember seeing this on the dash before the trip to the body shop. According the the new car sticker, they are halogen lamps.

I was hoping there was a dedicated fuse for the low beams but that doesn't seem to be the case. Where would you start looking? I asked and the body shop said they did not have the headlights out. The car is six years old but has very few miles (6,700 -- not a typo), so I don't suspect the bulbs -- especially both failing at once.

We're hoping to sell it quickly but this isn't something I don't feel good about putting on the new owner.

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