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body shop ripoff

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so I called a bunch of local body shops to get my kit molded on, painted. So I went down to one place, he checked out the kit( hamann sides and rear, M-5 front) said he could do it for 800-1000. That was just about how much I had to spend, I'm trying to save up for rims too. So I ask him to put something in writing so I could put money down.......he comes out about 2 minutes later $1600.00!!!

I was like how the hell do you go from 800 to 1600 in 2 minutes. he gives me the blah blah blah tries to talk to me like I'm an idiot, then i explain to him exactly what he has to do to put the kit on, he was shocked, but none the less he stuck to his price.
I'm so bummed, cuz I am at school here in Ithaca NY, and there are'nt very many body shops, they are all a ripoff. :ben:
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Dont pay it... Go some were else!!!:thumbdwn:
topazcpe said:
Dont pay it... Go some were else!!!:thumbdwn:
I have come to hate body shops. They're always out to screw you (well, at least me). I had one item painted, and the shop did a really crappy job. They sure painted it, but they didn't bother to smooth the finish first, etc. I was pissed, and they wanted MORE money to fix it saying that I only told them to paint it.

After a while I went to another shop and they wouldn't even touch it. I think they didn't want to sand it and refinish it or something. I wanted to hit the guy with the part.

In the end, I'm about to try painting this stuff myself using real equipment. We'll see. Pray for me! :eeps:
yeah I am gonna try to go elsewhere have the front and rear done, and try to do the sides myself, I dont think those should be too hard
im getting ripped off everywhere around here in south FL they want like a 100+ more a bumper to for paint and install every shop for far in MD its around 200 for paint and install for a m-tech bumper.... here i got 300 for bumper 200 for trim thats the best prices so far....
wait.. are you trying to custom fit a M5 bumper on your car? if it requires some custom work, then of course you are looking at high $$$$$$$
I don't know about the front but the sides and rear should be fairly easy. I just installed my ACS sides and rear recently. It is easier if you can get someone to help you but it is straight forward. As far for paint shop, try Portsmouth Chevrolet Body Shop asked for Dan (manager) or Ernie. I got all my parts painted there. Ernie installed my M-tech bumper.
I'm not custom fitting an M-5 bumper I am putting on a rieger M-5 front made for my car. Yeah I wish i was home in NH, there are so many more options for body shops, there is nothing around here
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