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body shop in long island

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Anyone know of a good bodyshop in nassau? I want to get a m technic kit but cant find one that is reasonably priced with good qualtiy work. thanks.
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C&C Collision

they are in Lindenhurst
I brought so many cars there and they are awesome
I have my 1970 duster being worked on now

they are on main street or merrick same road different names

Ask for Joe tell him frank with the duster

the number is 956-1656

let em know if you call
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there are a lot of good body shops on Great Neck Road in Great Neck. always serious cars there..... s500 rim'd up, m5's m3's, trucks..everything....

also another place in great neck on east shore road & northern blvd, i think its called "great neck auto collision" its a gray building... they always have bentley's there etc...
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