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RRT made the trek to Mid-Ohio this weekend for the very first time, to test out a new aero package on the #85 car and collect as much data as possible for further setup development. We finished up a new splitter, fabricated a wing and updated the car's exhaust design just in time to head out thursday. Some tweaks to the DaVID system were also wrapped up, as you'll see in the videos that follow.

Barry and Adam only had an opportunity to get a few laps each early in the weekend due to timing and weather conditions. We haven't had a chance to choose any rain tires for the car yet, so heavy rain dominated the storyline for us in the sprint race on saturday. Barry started the race on Falken street tires but soon brought the car back in as the going was pretty rough out there. You'll see Barry struggling to keep the car straight while the rest of the field slides around as well.

Saturday Sprint - Right Click, Save As

Adam and Barry split the practice/qualifying time sunday morning, finally getting a brief opportunity to feel out the car with the latest round of updates. Barry started the enduro from the 3rd spot despite heavy traffic in qualifying. Even though he was still learning the track, he quickly made up those two postions and was leading the race with the gap back to second growing steadily. A 1:35.5 during that charge to the front would prove to be the fastest lap of the race (sadly it didn't count - keep reading).

Unfortunately after getting into lapped traffic, a slower car didn't see Barry and inadvertantly moved over when he tried to pass him in the chicane, sending Barry off on driver's left. The journey over the curbing broke the brand new splitter and sent it up into the underside of the car, taking a fuel line with it and ending the race for #85. The enduro video shows the improvement in the stability and handling of the car though, and the data collected from this weekend will help with further development for Roebling.

Sunday Enduro - Right Click, Save As
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