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BMW OEM iPod Adapter
- E46 -

Using the CD-Mode on the radio you can access 5 different playlists created through iTunes. These playlists must be named BMW1 BMW2 BMW3 BMW4 BMW5. Each playlist is accessed by pressing the corresponding radio preset button on the radio. The playlist number and track number are shown on the radio display. Preset button number 6 on the radio will play the entire contents of the iPod starting from the beginning of the music collection. Random mode can also be selected to shuffle a play list or the entire music collection on the iPod for hours of music enjoyment. Important: Only 3rd generation or newer iPods with software 2.2 and the new iPod mini with iPod software 1.1 or greater can be used with the interface adapter. These devices are equipped with the Apple Dock Connector.

Link to original BMW Instructions:

Complete and Working.

Professionally uninstalled ready for transfer.

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