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Looks like the BMW International site has configurators up for both the M3 and M4. All the colors and options may not be available to the US, but you can still get a good idea of what your M could look like. You can switch up different interior upholstery, trims and accent lines, as well as body and wheel colors. Nice to be able to finally see the cars in some other colors.

Pricing for the UK has also been released. The BMW M4 will start at £56,653 and the M3 will start slightly less at £56,175. Going by the UK vs. US pricing on the E92 M3, which started at £50,625 in the UK and $60,100 in the US, the F80 M3 should be ~$65,650 to start. Of course the M4 will be a lithe more than that. Both cars will be debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in January, and hit showrooms in June.

Until then, click on the corresponding pic to build yours.



More info on the M3/4 here!
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