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My pc recently got wiped out and I lost my ETK/TIS programs. I have one of those ebay copies and it came with printed installation instructions, who knows where that is at..

Does anyone have the setup instructions. I know the first step is to install the Sydam Tool. What do you do next and so forth?
Any help would be appreciated:)

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John, here is what instructions came with mine (Also from ebay)

BMW TIS (Service Information) Version 3.2.1
ETK (Electronic Parts Catalog) Version 1.1.0


1. Insert the TIS disc into your CD Rom drive. Depending on the setup of your system you may get . an AutoPlay window popup. Cancel out of AutoPlay.
2. Go to My Computer and double click on the CD icon to view files on CD.
3. Double click on WIN95 folder then BMW folder then the TIS folder.
4. Double click the Setup icon and installation will begin.
5. Select English (USA) if prompted for language anytime during install
6. This installation will place an icon called SysAdmin with the BMW logo on your desktop. SysAdmin is the installation utility for any of the vehicle diagnostic and parts software including TIS, ETK, HTK, etc..
7. Double click the SysAdmin icon to open it and select TIS from the menu and then select Install.
8. If prompted for CD or Hard Disk install it is advisable to choose CD as installation times for Hard Disk are very long due to the size of the database.
9. Select English (USA) whenever prompted.
10. This will install the TIS software and place the TIS icon on your desktop.
11. Click on the TIS icon to use the software. TIS is the diagnostic portion of the software but you the parts searches are also run from this program. It is not necessary to install ETK separately.
12. When you start TIS click Vehicle Identification at the top to select your vehicle and enter the last 7 digits of your VIN into the boxes. If the VIN has been entered correctly you should now be able to click the arrow at the lower right of the screen and you will get a Vehicle Identified popup. If you are unable to get the software to recognize your vehicle you can also select it by year, model and options using the menu selections.
13. From here you can click on Symptom to describe the problem using text or click Graphics to describe it by selecting from the onscreen pictures.

Note: Until ETK is installed the Change button in the TIS menu will not work


BMW TIS (Service Information) Version 3.2.1
ETK (Electronic Parts Catalog) Version 1.1.0


1. ETK is installed using the SysAdmin utility installed earlier. If you have not installed SysAdmin please follow steps 1-6 of the TIS Setup Instructions.
2. Place the ETK disk in the drive and start SysAdmin. Select EPC for the menu then click Install.
3. If the SysAdmin version on the ETK is newer it will be replaced automatically. When queried click ok to replace the older versions.
4. You may be prompted for Total Catalog or Motorcycle catalog. Choose Total Catalog.
5. The installation will start arid a window will pop up and prompt for language. Select English (USA) it using in United States.
6. Installation will proceed.
7. When installation is complete you will get another window requesting dealer network information and language. Do not check off Dealer Network box. This requires a subscription and password and is used to check inventory on the network. Select English (USA) if in the US and continue.
8. Installation should complete arid program is ready for use.
9. ETK can be accessed from TIS by clicking the Change button in the top-level menu. By using the change button you can go back and forth between TIS and ETK and retain vehicle parameters.

Issues reported

- Some users have reported that the installation of EPC requests a password after selecting Install from the SysAdmin menu. A password is not required to use or install this program. If prompted for a password select Europe as the country and installation will proceed normally. Selecting Europe will not affect program functionality.
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