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My e46 refuses to get better. After running on idle for +30secs(start up, red light, does not matter) aswell as when driving there seems to be a random cylinder misfire.
The symptoms of this are:

  • heavy shuddering/shaking of the car upon acceleration or when idling
  • loss of power
  • hesitation. It also hesitates before it misfires sometimes.
  • rough idle
There's no engine light or any warning light at all on the dashboard when this occurs.
Restarting the engine ''fixes'' the problem temporarily, however if you restart it too fast it will still express the same symptoms as mentioned above.

Things that I've changed on the car:

  • Headers
  • M54B30 intake(problems started occurring after this install)
  • New disa valve
  • New spark plugs(NGK R)
  • 2 new ignition coils(NGK)
  • New crankshaft position sensor
  • New camshaft position sensors(intake and exhaust side)
  • New upper and lower rubber intake boots
  • New ECU(also removed limp mode caused by ABS)
  • New valve cover gasket
There's nothing wrong with the remaining ignition coils, I've checked.
Anyone got an idea of what the cause might be? CCV leak? Bad fuel pump? Vanos gaskets?
This is how it sounds
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