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Does anyone think that BMW's history of service for a car can be inaccurate?

Here's my story...

I've agreed on a price for a 2002 325i sedan w/ 18k miles. I have a signed contract w/ a clause pending mechanic inspection. I'm looking at the vehicle tomorrow. The car was a early return on a lease that the used car dealer bought at auction. I spoke to the BMW dealer that originally sold the car and they said no service was ever performed on the car. They checked the BMW database through a VIN check. I called BMW NA and they verified the vehicle was still under factory warranty and maintenance warranty. I had a CarFax run and Experian and both came up no problems. It even verified it was a lease vehicle and bought at auction on 3/4/03. Overall I have not seen anything to make me think this car can present any problems, except for the lack of service history. It's possible that previous owner never brought it in knowing they were planning to return the car early anyways.

I'll have a mechanic inspection, but unfortunately not through a BMW dealer because none of them have available appts. for me on Sat. I will have an independent mechanic do an evaluation and I plan on doing my own extensive check. I want to get this car because it's a really good price. 25k for a 2002 325i w/ spt pkg, prem pkg and xenons.

Also if someone knows of a reputable mechanic in the Washington DC area that is open Sat., I might go with that one instead of the guy I chose out of the phone book. I trusted him because he told me to go to BMW to get the service done. After failing to find one w/ an open appt., I called him back.

So what do you all think? :dunno:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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