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BMW CPT-8000 Worth IT??

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I'm thinking of buying the CPT-8000 from a guy off of ebay... Was wondering what else I would need after I have purchased the phone to have it rigged in my car.. My car is a 02' 325ci and says its pre-wired for phone so is everything there or do I still have to buy more install parts??? I don't have the sharkfin antenna or anything so I guess I have to get that.... But since its pre wired is everything in place or will I have to purchase something?? and if so could someone give me price that it may cost----- Thanks
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I'll scan in a picture of this from the BMW teaser book I got on my car before I bought it. I'm interested in doing this one day too, but I got real turned off when I found out that the phone itself is like $600, and then all the crap to install it basically doubles the price. I ain't paying $1100-$1200 for a stupid phone, no matter HOW cool it is.
As promised, the pic.....


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BGReddy00 said:
dont get it, i got that cause I had that phone through sprint and spend a lotta money for that and then switched to nextel cause the service was so bad...the phone is nice but the service just horrible
How much did you pay for the phone, BG?
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