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I've searched for solutions for this as I dont have an serial port on my PC that I'm using for fault codes and all car related things.

I have an INPA (usb) cable that works perfectly for my E46, then I thought I buy an adapter (20pin to 16pin) for my E38 as it is an 1995 it does not have the OBD port inside the car and I needed the round port. I can read some modules like transmission and abs, but not dme's (2 dme) or anything else.

I found a cable on One-Stop-Electronics that is ADS to USB and they claim it works, but I'm not sure since many other say you need a real serial port for the old ADS interface to work.

I don't have an PC old enough to have the serial port, and was wondering if anyone have the cable or have tried it, or if anyone have a solution other than this that may work.

All help is appreciated. Thanks.
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